1 litre - Pack of 8 Bottles

1 litre - Pack of 8 Bottles

1 litre - Pack of 8 Bottles

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Surviral hand sanitiser products feature unique DuoMax technology to provide the highest levels of cleansing and sanitising. Surviral products are completely bleach and alcohol free and use a blend of non-hazardous ingredients. No other comparable brand can offer the same superior cleansing and sanitising capabilities.

Surviral uses only best in class non-hazardous ingredients to manufacture our range. Our products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, effective and are bleach and alcohol free.

Delivers up to 99.9999% reduction in viruses and bacteria.

Technical Information in respect of effectiveness and Safety Data can be found here

Please note that due to on-going supply chain issues we are unable to show standard product images. Packaging may vary slightly but the product quality remains the same.

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